Hotel and casino "Bay Mandelieu", Las Vegas

3941 Las Vegas Strip, Las Vegas, NV 89119, USA

Hotel-casino "Mandelieu Bay" is in the southern part of one of the most luxurious areas of the Las Vegas Strip, which is called. Carried out in a tropical style hotel. He opened in 1999. Besides well-equipped with all the necessary rooms, the hotel offers the services of its visitors more than two dozen bars and restaurants in the neighborhood and which is an indispensable attribute of Las Vegas - Casino. There are also so-called "House of Blues" with a theater and concert hall, where you can enjoy live music.. The highlight of this resort is the pool area which is four and a half acres. It consists of three separate pools combined into one structure. One of the pools - wave - has a small waterfall, from which every 90 seconds, with a height of four feet and a half million gallons overthrown water. In one part of the basin, with the smoked glass, it is possible to swim topless.. Hotel "Bay Mandelieu" was linked by rail with hotels "Luxor" and "Excalibur"..

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