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Las Vegas Strip, Las Vegas

Las Vegas Strip

The Las Vegas Strip is the main street of Las Vegas. It stretches almost 7 kilometers. It is here that the best located luxury hotels and casinos of the city with unique architecture and variety of costume show, as well as almost all the city's attractions. History of the street began with the first casino opened here in 1941, called "El Rancho". Over time, the street has grown and today it are the largest hotels in the world..

Hotel-casino "Stratosphere", Las Vegas

Hotel-casino "Stratosphere"

The 350-meter tower hotel-casino "Stratosphere" - the tallest building in Las Vegas and one of its main attractions. From the lookout tower you can admire the beautiful view of the city. The tower is best to climb shortly before nightfall. At this time the view of Las Vegas is simply stunning, with the sea of ​​colored lights and illuminated signs. On the tower is a restaurant, lounge which is continuously rotated, making a complete revolution around its axis in one hour. Thus, during dinner, guests can enjoy a panoramic view of the city with a bird's-eye view, considered beautiful Las Vegas from all sides. For the most daring at the top of the tower is the highest attraction in the world - "Big Shot". You can also tickle your nerves, experience the thrill of free falling from a height of 108 floors..

Hotel-casino "Treasure Island", Las Vegas

Hotel-casino "Treasure Island"

Hotel "Treasure Island" offers its guests the opportunity to plunge into the thick of things the city of gambling and nightlife. It has its own casino, a variety of restaurants and nightclubs, and in the evening at the hotel are evening shows and theater productions, the most famous of which - "Sirens of Treasure Island" and "Mestere". You will witness a pirate battles taking place on board the ship, located near the hotel, and accompanied by all sorts of pyrotechnics.. From the bustle of the night you can relax by the picturesque pool in your own tent or a luxurious spa visit. The hotel is conveniently located in the center of the main entertainment area, just a stone's throw away are numerous casinos and luxury shops, restaurants and nightclubs to suit all tastes..

Volcano front of "Mirage", Las Vegas

Volcano front of "Mirage"

Hotel-casino complex "Mirage" was opened in 1989 and is a tropical island in the center of Las Vegas. On the territory of this unusual hotel has artificial waterfalls, a huge aquarium and dolphinarium in the form of a coral reef, where you can see about a thousand species of fish, and in his lobby untouchable clients roam white albino tigers. Well, of course, there are excellent nightclubs, bars, cafes, restaurants. The highlight of the complex "Mirage" is an artificial volcano, located in front of the hotel, which erupted several times in the evening with a special musical score. Cost of construction of hotel-casino complex "Mirage" was a record high and amounted to $ 630 million. The casino complex that the world's first installed security cameras that are constantly monitoring what is happening at each craps table. The same system has been installed in the hotel..

Hotel-casino "Caesars Palace", Las Vegas

Hotel-casino "Caesars Palace"

"Caesars Palace", a complex consisting of exclusive casino, luxury hotel, a huge shopping center, excellent restaurants and many other things, was opened in 1966.. The casino often held all sorts of tournaments, including the World Cup and poker.. Refers to the hotel is the most prestigious and lucrative concert venue in Las Vegas - "Colosseum" capacity of more than 4,000 people. On stage "Coliseum" were Bob Dylan, Cher, Elton John, Frank Sinatra, Julio Iglesias and other world stars.. Held here and boxing matches, to which, along with other great boxers, and was Wladimir Klitschko.. This hotel filmed dozens of movies, including "Rocky 3" and "Rain Man.".

Casinos and Singing fountains "Bellagio", Las Vegas

Casinos and Singing fountains "Bellagio"

"Bellagio" - a well-known complex in Las Vegas, which includes a hotel, a casino, as well as numerous restaurants and bars.. The complex was built in the Italian style. It has its own art gallery, which posted Cézanne, Picasso and Monet, as well as a botanical garden. In his theater every day provides insight famous Cirque du Soleil. Here nearly 4,000 luxury rooms, 17 restaurants, swimming pools and spas, boutiques and casino gallery. And for those who want to get married, the hotel has two chapels, special decoration of the hall, and even broadcast your celebration on the Internet.. Yet ornament, hallmark complex "Bellagio", without a doubt, the Bellagio fountains are included in the top ten sites in the world. More than 1,000 jets of water rise in the sky at 80 meters above the artificial lake in front of the hotel, illuminated five thousand spotlights dancing to the enchanting music of famous singers - Pavarotti, Bocelli and Elton John, Madonna and Celine Dion.

Hotel Casino New York - New York, Las Vegas

Hotel Casino New York - New York

Hotel Casino New York - New York City is a replica of New York, only in miniature, with its Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, Park Coney Island, "roller coaster" and skyscrapers. It is in these skyscrapers you can settle when you stay at the hotel-town, which has everything to relax and have some fun. Here you'll find a variety of cafes, bars and restaurants with exquisite cuisine, night clubs, spas, swimming pools. You can also visit the famous theater and shows. In "New York - New York" are traditionally the best musicals.

Hotel "Excalibur", Las Vegas

Hotel "Excalibur"

Hotel "Excalibur". At the time of its opening in 1990, it was the largest hotel in the world. Even now, "Excalibur" is held in the top ten largest hotels in Las Vegas. Architectural and decorative theme of this hotel - King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Hotel guests are available themed attractions, golf courses, shops, swimming pools and other entertainment - from childhood "Merry dungeon" to "night school dance with a pole.". Brand hotel show - joust with feast..

Hotel "Luxor", Las Vegas

Hotel "Luxor"

Hotel "Luxor" - one of the most famous in Las Vegas. The hotel building, which houses the casino, made of glass in the shape of an Egyptian pyramid, a height of 100 meters. It was named after the Egyptian city of Luxor and is the second largest hotel in Las Vegas and the eighth - in the world. Hotel - 4406 comfortable rooms, fitness center, swimming pool, cinema and six restaurants. Hotel rooms are on the sides of the pyramid. To get them, you need to use the elevator, which moves at an angle of 390 degrees.. Before entering the pyramid visitors are greeted by a copy of the Sphinx, large in size than the original. Beam, which rises from the top of the pyramid with the onset of darkness, is one of the world's most. Argue that it is visible passengers planes flying at a distance of 400 kilometers from Las Vegas..

Hotel and casino "Bay Mandelieu", Las Vegas

Hotel and casino "Bay Mandelieu"

Hotel-casino "Mandelieu Bay" is in the southern part of one of the most luxurious areas of the Las Vegas Strip, which is called. Carried out in a tropical style hotel. He opened in 1999. Besides well-equipped with all the necessary rooms, the hotel offers the services of its visitors more than two dozen bars and restaurants in the neighborhood and which is an indispensable attribute of Las Vegas - Casino. There are also so-called "House of Blues" with a theater and concert hall, where you can enjoy live music.. The highlight of this resort is the pool area which is four and a half acres. It consists of three separate pools combined into one structure. One of the pools - wave - has a small waterfall, from which every 90 seconds, with a height of four feet and a half million gallons overthrown water. In one part of the basin, with the smoked glass, it is possible to swim topless.. Hotel "Bay Mandelieu" was linked by rail with hotels "Luxor" and "Excalibur"..

Hotel-casino "MGM Grand", Las Vegas

Hotel-casino "MGM Grand"

Hotel and entertainment complex "MGM Grand" at the time of its discovery in 1993 was the largest and tallest in the United States. His height - 89 meters.. The complex, which occupies nearly 3 acres, has five outdoor pools, MGM Grand Garden Arena, where the world championship of boxing and concerts of world stars, as well as a conference center. You can also visit the many shops and nightclubs. It provides - 19 restaurants, the largest casino in Clark County, concert halls, theater. Those who are tired of the noise and bustle, can spend time in the shade of the nearby garden with huge coconut trees. Here artificial river flows, reservoirs are filled with mineral water. "MGM Grand" is often referred to Las Vegas in a nutshell, the "city of entertainment". At the entrance to the hotel is a huge 50-ton bronze statue of a lion - symbol of "MGM Records International" based own studio "MGM" Kirk Kerkorian, and in the building is a huge aviary with lions.

Hotel "Paris" and the Eiffel Tower, Las Vegas

Hotel "Paris" and the Eiffel Tower

Hotel "Paris" - a kind piece of France in Las Vegas. His ornaments are replicas of famous Parisian attractions.. The main attraction of the hotel - a copy of the Eiffel Tower. Despite the fact that it is half the original, there is a restaurant and an observation deck, which can be a glass elevator and enjoy the beautiful views of the city. In the south is the famous Las Vegas hotels, the West - singing the Bellagio fountains, and in the east - the mountains. In the north, a full-length stretches of Las Vegas Boulevard. Also near the hotel "Paris" you can see the Louvre, Paris Opera, and Arc de Triomphe. There are even two small churches, where the real wedding ceremony. And if you like shopping - on a typical Parisian boulevard offers excellent shopping..

Hotel "Venice", Las Vegas

Hotel "Venice"

Hotel "Venice" along with the nearby "Palazzo" forms a complex that is unparalleled in the world. The hotel is well over four thousand rooms decorated "Venetian-style". It is located under the roof of a piece of Venice.. There is also a huge casino, which area - about twelve thousand square meters. Directly beneath the casino game room are the channels through which you can ride on these gondolas. Along the canal are copies of authentic Italian Venice attractions such as the Rialto Bridge, the Campanile, St. Mark's Square. Ceiling stylized night sky so skillfully that one can hardly understand that it is not present.. Complex "Venice" also includes theater, wax museum, a nightclub, a large number of restaurants, cafes, shopping center. In the halls of the complex regularly hosts various exhibitions and in the evening you can watch the show. As it goes in Las Vegas, is the most popular local productions of Broadway musicals such as "Phantom of the Opera.".

Shopping mall "Fashion Show", Las Vegas

Shopping mall "Fashion Show"

Shopping mall "Fashion Show" is considered one of the largest malls in the world. Its area is 175,000 square meters. There are 250 fashion boutiques, department stores, 7, terrace, restaurants, fashion catwalk.. Opening the "Fashion Show" held in 1981, and its area was originally occupied only 6000 square meters. Over time, the mall was growing: there was a big room for fashion shows, increasing the number of shops and restaurants. Unusual architectural element "Fashion Show" is the "Cloud". It is a steel canopy that outline resembles a flying saucer. "Cloud" rises above the earth at a height of 39 meters and its length is 150 meters. By nightfall, it turns into a big movie screen. One of the features of the center - this room "Great Hall" with a retractable catwalk, which allow the fashion shows several times a week.. Especially popular with visitors enjoys gallery, located in the shopping center, which presents the work of famous artists from the sixteenth century to the present day.. In the winter months, "Fashion Show" turns into a fairyland. Buyers can enjoy the snow falling in the mall and watch on the runway landing Santa Claus with his assistants - elves.

Hotel "Encore Las Vegas" and the hotel-casino "Wynn", Las Vegas

Hotel "Encore Las Vegas" and the hotel-casino "Wynn"

"Encore Las Vegas" - one of the newest and most luxurious hotels in the center of Las Vegas, located just five miles from McCarran International Airport. It was built next to the other, not less famous hotel-casino "Wynn". They were merged into one grand complex, providing visitors with all the services that you can imagine.. Besides two thousand rooms, equipped to the highest standards, offers service car rental, parking, laundry and dry cleaning. There, in the hotel has a lovely spa complex, offering a variety of services for relaxation: sauna, jacuzzi, fitness centers. Here, in one of the fifty treatment rooms, offers a huge selection of treatments for face and body. And the services of shoppers - a gallery boutiques of famous brands..

Fremont Street, Las Vegas

Fremont Street

Fremont Street is one of the most famous streets in the heart of the Las Vegas and has often been the backdrop for Hollywood films.. It is posted here all the most famous casino and entertainment facilities of the city. Up until the early nineties of the last century, the Fremont Street was unchanged entertainment center for tourists. But when in the nineties began the mass construction of hotels, casinos and resorts in the southern part of Las Vegas, guests are increasingly began to attract the Las Vegas Strip.. To stop the outflow of visitors to Fremont in 1995, was designed "Fremont Street Experience". This system, which is a huge screen in the form of an arch, 460 meters in length. First, on this screen showed movies and variety shows. After modernization in 2004, this attraction has become a center of entertainment many tourists. After all, next to the attraction run by 10 computers located good old casino.. By nightfall, the Fremont Street turns into the biggest video show in the world..

Casino "Golden Nugget", Las Vegas

Casino "Golden Nugget"

Casino "Golden Nugget", built in 1946, is one of the oldest in Las Vegas. For a long time of its existence the institution has undergone many changes and has changed several owners. Today it is - the property of "Restaurants Landry" - one of the largest corporations casino.. In the lobby since 1987 on display 25-pound gold nugget found in Australia. It's called "Hand of Faith" and is the mascot of the complex.. This spa hotel offers a full range of treatments available here spa. It has a spa tub and a huge outdoor swimming pool.. In addition to health, you can also use the business services. There are several conference rooms, a business center and offers - Car Rental. There are also a number of additional services, including a fitness center, night club, casino, restaurants, bars and pool in the hotel. There is also carried out at the request of clients, marriage..

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