Westminster Abbey, London

Parliament Square, Westminster, London SW1P 3JX, UK

Collegiate Church of St. Peter in Westminster, almost always known as Westminster Abbey - one of the most important shrines of England. It is the traditional place of coronation and burial of British monarchs. Built in Gothic-style church is one of the best examples of medieval church architecture.. If we talk about the history of Westminster Abbey, it is rooted in the distant past, when in 1065 King Edward the Confessor built on the site abbey. From the first building was preserved its appearance on the famous Bayeux Tapestry. However, during this period there was made the first coronation. Officially, this is the coronation of King William the Conqueror First, the record of which is preserved in the book of the Abbey, however, suggest that even before him, in 1066 there was crowned shattered them later King Harold.. Its present-day appearance Abbey must, above all, King Henry the Third, who continued its construction in 1245.. Abbey, as such, has ceased to exist already in the sixteenth century. From the destruction that awaited in the era of the Reformation, all operating monasteries, saved only by his involvement in the life of the royal family. It was then that the building of the Abbey became a school, becoming the one of the first colleges in the UK, along with Cambridge and Oxford. In the building of the church and continued to bury the crown of royalty.. Interior of the Tomb of the Kings determined, writers, military leaders and other famous people. The total number of headstones in the abbey is more than three thousand..

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