Wellington Arch, London

2 Duke of Wellington Place, London SW1W, UK

Wellington Arch was erected in 1825 on the orders of George the Fourth to commemorate the victory of Great Britain in the Napoleonic Wars. Massive building once served as the main entrance to Hyde Park, and at the end of the nineteenth century, it was moved to its present location.. In 1846, at the Arch decided to erect a statue of Sir Arthur Uepsli - the first Duke of Wellington, commander and prime minister. In 1912, it was replaced by a huge bronze sculptural composition depicting the angel of the world coming down on the war chariot. Currently, Arch is open to visitors. Her exhibition, placed on three floors, covers the history and purpose of the Arch. Visitors can also go out to the terraces on either side of the top of the arch, which will lend great views over Hyde Park Corner, on the junction of Park Lane and Piccadilly, Green Park and Constitution Hill, and even the private gardens of Buckingham Palace..

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