Tower of London

Tower Hill, The Tower Of London (Stop TA), London EC3N, UK

Here is the Tower - an ancient fortress and prison, the grim walls of which have seen a lot of blood, including the Royal. It was built in 1080 by William the Conqueror.. First prisoner imprisoned in the Tower in 1190. At the time of the Tower prison intended for people of noble birth and high rank. Among the most honorable and high-level prisoners of the Tower of London were the kings of Scotland and France, and members of their families, as well as representatives of the aristocracy and the priests who were accused of treason. The walls of the Tower also remember a lot of executions and murders. In the Tower were murdered Henry the Sixth, and the princes of the tower, a 12-year-old Edward the Fifth and his younger brother Richard, Guy Fawkes and Sir Thomas More.. Currently, the main building of the Tower of London - a museum and armory, which holds treasures the British Crown. The Museum Tower, you can see a collection of royal jewelry that contains twenty-three thousand five hundred seventy-eight exhibits, including the world-famous royal diamonds, armor of Henry the Eighth, instruments of torture, traitors gate and more.. Tower officially still considered to be one of the royal residences. The castle also has a number of private apartments, which are home to basically wait staff and distinguished guests..

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