Tower Bridge, London

Tower Bridge, Greater London, UK

Tower Bridge is one of the symbols of London and Britain. The bridge was inaugurated on June 30, 1894 by Edward Prince of Wales and his wife Princess Alexandra.. His appearance is obliged to Tower Bridge Parliament's decision, in 1872, decided that the city needed another bridge that would blend in with the ensemble of the Tower, and at the same time would be a drawbridge that does not violate the traffic flow of vessels proceeding to the docks on the Thames. Consideration of the draft of the new bridge lasted for 8 years, and then finally, the municipality approved the project architect Horace Jones, who proposed to build a drawbridge in the Gothic style. The creation of this project Jones inspired Dutch movable bridges thrown over the channels. Bridge Jones had one peculiarity: its adjustable suspension bridge had to be counterbalanced and not to restrict the movement of pedestrians. For this purpose, has galleries between the towers of the bridge at a height of 44 meters. With the elevators inside the towers of people raised in the gallery and were free to cross the bridge even while passing ships. In the near future pedestrian bridge gained fame gallery gathering place for pickpockets. For this reason, in 1910 were closed gallery. They just re-opened in 1982 and used as a museum and an observation deck..

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