St Paul's Cathedral, London

1-3 Saint Paul's Churchyard, London EC4M 8AJ, UK

Before you - St Paul's Cathedral. It was erected in honor of the Apostle Paul. Today the cathedral is the seat of the Bishop of London.. At this point in time there were five different councils. The first church was built of wood in the year 604, was burned in the year 675. Second Council of stone, built in 685, was destroyed by the Vikings in 961, during a raid on London. Third, built in 962, was burned along with all of London during a fire in 1087. The fourth, known as the Old St. Paul, was lit in 1240 and was one of the largest cathedrals in Europe. It was destroyed in the Great Fire of London in 1666. London authorities have decided not to rebuild the temple of the victim, and to erect in its place a new. Thus arose the fifth St Paul's Cathedral, which has come down to our day.. The official opening date of the cathedral is October 20, 1708 - the birthday of architect Rena, but the actual service at the church began December 2, 1697. From 1710 to 1962 St. Paul's Cathedral was considered the tallest building in London. Its height is 111 meters and the dome of the cathedral is still considered one of the highest in the world.. Triple dome height of 120 meters - an integral part of the silhouette of London. At the base of the temple is a "whispering gallery", the acoustic effect of which is that a word spoken in a whisper on one side, clearly played on other. The Cathedral organ is considered to be the best in England. On the western front, on both sides of the cathedral - the two towers - the bell tower. The left tower - 12 bells in the right main bell England, "Big Paul". His sound is heard for 37 kilometers. Watch with a dial 15 meters in diameter.. At the main entrance - a monument to Queen Anne.. Since the late eighteenth century, St Paul's Cathedral is the traditional burial place of British celebrities. In the Cathedral of the ashes of almost two famous Englishmen, including the disposal of the architect of the cathedral - Kistofera Rena, the Duke of Wellington, Nelson, Sir Alexander Fleming. Here married many members of the London aristocracy and monarchs. This is where the wedding took place of Prince Charles and Princess Diana in 1981.

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