Regent Street, London

Now you and I are on Regent Street - one of the most famous streets of London. All buildings are located are listed in a special list of buildings of special architectural or historic interest, and protected by the state. In this case, Regent Street is one of the main streets of London for shoppers. Here, for example, is Hamleys - one of the largest toy stores in the world. In 2004 Regent Street was opened Europe's first Apple Store. For several years he was the largest Apple retail store in the world.. Of all the streets of the capital of England related Regent Street - the largest and most monumental of them. Street connects the south of the West End to Regent's Park, so it serves as a convenient transport communication among the chaotic layout of London. The buildings that flank Regent Street, designed the outstanding masters of English classicism beginning of the XIX century.. Originally sidewalks in Regent Street were built the colonnade, protects pedestrians from the rain, but because of the need to make the roadway wider colonnade demolished..

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