Palace of Westminster, London

Westminster Pier, London SW1A, UK

Here is the Palace of Westminster - one of the most famous and most beautiful buildings in the world. It houses the British Parliament: the House of Lords and the House of Commons.. The palace was built for King Edward - Confessor, came to the throne in 1042. Forty-five years later to William Rufus, son of William - Confessor built Westminster Hall - the most elegant room in Europe. Prior to 1529 Westminster Palace was the residence of the kings of England capital. After the fire of October 16, 1834 the palace rebuilt. From the medieval Palace of Westminster survived the reception hall and the Tower of Jewels, built to keep the treasury of Edward III.. In 1200 the palace rooms, 100 staircases and 5 kilometers of corridors. The towers of the palace most famous clock tower Elizabeth Tower also known as Big Ben. In 1987, the palace and the nearby Church of St. Margaret were included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.. Most closed legislative chambers in the world - the Houses of Parliament in Westminster - open to the public only a few weeks of the year.

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