Marble Arch, London

2 Marble Arch, London W1H, UK

We are now near Marble Arch. This is a triumphal arch located near the corner of the Oratory in Hyde Park, on the western end of Oxford Street. The arch was created in 1828 by renowned architect John Nash, who took as a basis the famous triumphal arch of Constantine in Rome. Inside the arch, there are three small rooms that were formerly used as a police post.. The arch was originally installed outside the front gate as the Mall to Buckingham Palace, but then with the construction of a new wing of the palace in 1851 was moved to its current location. Then there were rumors that it is transferred only because a large gold royal carriage can not pass under it. However, during the coronation of Elizabeth II in 1953, millions of viewers saw the great golden carriage drove under the arch.. Marble Arch is near the spot where once stood the famous Tyburn gallows - a place of public executions in 1388 to 1793.

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