The London Eye

17140 Westminster Bridge, Lambeth, London SE1, UK

The London Eye - one of the largest Ferris wheel in the world. Wheel height of 135 meters and a diameter of 120 meters. From such heights offers a beautiful panoramic view of London.. Ferris wheel in London was launched December 31, 1999. But for the public it was closed until March, two thousand, due to technical problems.. The London Eye has thirty-two fully air-conditioned and enclosed cabins capsules for passengers carried in the form of eggs. 32 capsules represent the suburbs of the capital. Each capsule, which weighs 10 tons, can accommodate 25 passengers. The speed of rotation of the ferris wheel is about 1 kilometer per hour. Complete revolution takes place in half an hour.. Since its opening, the London Eye has become almost the main tourist attraction in the UK. Every year it poseschyayut more than 3 million people..

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