Lambeth Palace, London

5 Lambeth Palace Road, Lambeth, London SE1 7 lb, United Kingdom

Lambeth Palace. It is the official residence of the Archbishop of Canterbury - the head of the Anglican Church in the UK.. The first building on the site of which later appeared Lambeth Palace, existed here in the first half of the eleventh century. At the end of the twelfth century the estate was transferred to the Archbishop of Canterbury Baldwin. From the buildings of that time is preserved only in the Gothic style chapel. It was erected by Archbishop Walter in the early thirteenth century. Other medieval building dating back to the late fifteenth century - brick entry to the Palace - a magnificent example of an early Tudor architecture.. Another famous Lambeth Palace Tower - Tower Lollards during the English Civil War served as a prison for dissidents, was erected in 1440. The palace was rebuilt after the revolution in the archaic spirit with gothic elements and updated during the celebration Gothic Revival architect Edward Blorom.. Significant elements of the exterior of the palace can be distinguished portraits of bishops, made by such artists as Van Dyck, Reynolds, Hogarth, Holbein. Of interest is a huge library, which is a collection of secular and spiritual masters of the pen. The library was established in 1610 and for several centuries, supplemented by hundreds of copies. Previously owned by the owner of the palace was a personal cross the river. Now here was elevated bridge.

Lambeth Palace photo

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