Hyde Park, London

Apsley Way, London W1J 7NS, UK

We are now at the entrance to Hyde Park - Royal Park area of ​​1.4 square kilometers, located in the heart of London. The name of the park was given to the ancient area unit. From west to adjoin Kensington Gardens. Hyde Park - a traditional place for political rallies, festivals and festivities. Originally it belonged to Westminster Abbey. Since the beginning of the dissolution of the monasteries in 1536, Henry VIII removed the park to use for their own hunting needs. For the public it was opened by the First Jacob, and when Charles II was the favorite place for Londoners.. In 1815, the Hyde Park held a historic parade on Wellington's victory over Napoleon. About this event in Hyde Park today reminds established in 1822 Achilles statue by sculptor Sir Richard Westmacott, dedicated to Wellington, the museum of the Duke of Wellington and Wellington Arch.. The main attraction of the park - the Serpentine lake, where swimming is allowed, as well as the gallery of the same name.. Another famous attraction of the park - cemetery animals, which was arranged by the Duke of Cambridge after the death of his wife's favorite animals. There are about 300 gravestones pets. Cemetery opens to the public once a year. In the world of the park is best known for the fact that there is a corner of the speakers, where traditionally hone his eloquence all kinds of speakers and preachers. Hyde Park has become synonymous with a place to proclaim and defend any ideas.. Today, Hyde Park - a favorite place of citizens and visitors to London. In addition to water activities at the Serpentine lake, the park has a racetrack and a place for horseback riding, operates a riding school. Here you can play tennis and bowling, go rollerblading on the specially laid tracks..

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