Cleopatra's Needle, London

Victoria Embankment, London WC2N 6PB, UK

Ahead you see the ancient Egyptian obelisk flanked by two sphinxes, called Cleopatra's Needle. It is a monolith of granite 18 meters high and weighing 186 tons. Printed symbols on the obelisk of Thutmose III, the names of Ramses II and Cleopatra. The modern name of the obelisk has received from scientists and Egyptologists.. It was carved on the stone quarries of Aswan in the middle of the second millennium BC. Around 1475 BC, was moved to Heliopolis. Presumably at the time of the Roman emperor Augustus obelisk was moved to Alexandria, where he stood for centuries. By the beginning of the nineteenth century, the monument was already overturned and was lying in the sand.. In 1819, the obelisk was donated by the British governor of Egypt Muhammad Ali to celebrate the victory of Vice-Admiral Nelson at the Battle of the Nile, and General Abercromby at Alexandria in 1801. Until 1877 the obelisk remained in Alexandria, and was then transported to the UK capital..

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