Buckingham Palace, London

10 Birdcage Walk, Westminster, London SW1E, UK

Buckingham Palace - the official London residence of the British monarch (currently - Queen Elizabeth II). Here the Queen accepts state guests, here are the official ceremonies and events of the Royal Family. 19 state rooms, ballrooms and gardens open to the public in August and September, at a time when the queen leaves with the annual visit to Balmoral.. In the state rooms you can admire the real treasures of the royal family. Here are exhibited paintings and interesting French and English furniture.. Buckingham Palace was originally known as Buckingham House, built for the Duke of Buckingham in 1703. In 1762 the building was purchased by King George the Third in the future as the private residence of the monarch. Over the next seventy-five architects John Nash and Edward Blore built three wings around a central courtyard. The palace was officially declared the main residence of the British monarch in the accession to the throne of Queen Victoria in 1837. In her reign were made last great additions: the construction of another lodge, and the transfer of the former main entrance, Marble Arch, to its current location near the Oratory Corner in Hyde Park. Before the gates of the palace is a monument in honor of Queen Victoria.. Today, the palace includes 775 rooms. Of these, 19 are public facilities, fifty two, and the royal guests, 188 for staff, 92 office, seventy two bathrooms. It covers an area of ​​20 hectares, of which 17 hectares - the garden. The gardens of Buckingham Palace - the largest private gardens in London.. Buckingham Palace - one of the most famous buildings in the world. In the summer palace attended by about thirty thousand guests who participate in receptions in the royal garden, where there is a lake and waterfalls..

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