Big Ben, London

Westminster, Parliament Square (Stop TB), London SW1A, UK

On the right you can see Big Ben - the most recognizable landmarks in London. In general, Big Ben is the name of the largest bell in the clock, located in the northern part of the Palace of Westminster in London, although the name is also often used to refer to the clock tower of hours or a whole.. The tower was built by English architect Augustus Pyudzhina in 1858, and the clock tower set in motion 31 May 1859. The official name of the tower until September 2012 was the "Clock Tower of Westminster Palace" also often referred to as "St. Stephen's Tower". By decision of the British Parliament in September 2012 Clock Tower renamed Elizabeth Tower in honor of the sixty years of Queen Elizabeth II.. The tower height of 96.3 meters. Watch towers have long been considered the world's largest. Diameter clock face is seven meters and the length of the arrows of 2.7 and 4.2 meters. Mounted on a tower clock mechanism is more accurate. We can say that this is the main clock state. Fight the Big Ben British continuously transmit radio.

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