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Brighton Attractions

Royal Park, Brighton

Royal Park

Queen's Park - a great place for walking and relaxing holiday. In the nineteenth century there were strolling rich graphs and lords, and drove past the carriage with the ladies of noble families, dressed in expensive clothes and hats. This scenic park that preserves and today its original aristocratic appearance, offers visitors a wide range of entertainment, including even Shakespearean presentation on the summer playground. In the park there is a large lake and a small pond where ducks, as well as a children's playground, tennis court and a variety of restaurants for visitors. There is also a garden of fragrant flowers, which was laid out specifically for visually impaired visitors.

The Royal Pavilion, Brighton

The Royal Pavilion

Royal Pavilion - one of the most beautiful and exotic buildings of the United Kingdom and the main tourist attraction in Brighton. It was built in the first half of the nineteenth century as a seaside residence of the Prince of Wales, the future King George the Fourth. First visit to Brighton in 1783, Prince began to come here all the time, following the advice of a physician to improve their health. Brighton also served as a meeting place for George with his ladylove, Mrs. Fittsgerbert, whom he married secret marriage. In 1787, on land bought out George, architects Henry Holland and William Pordoi built for him the first pavilion. In 1822, the famous architect John Nash completely rebuilds palace in exotic Indo -Saracenic style. The interior decoration was made of mixed Indian and Moorish motifs typical colonial style regency townhouse. After the death of George the Fourth in 1830 in the Pavilion during his many visits to Brighton stayed King William the Fourth. His heir, Queen Victoria, visiting Brighton once disliked the city, and made his summer residence Isle of Wight. She wished to get rid of "unnecessary" the palace and in 1849 was purchased by the City Hall. During World War II there was placed a military hospital. After the war, the interior of the palace has been completely restored and is now home to the museum. On special occasions its halls are rented for weddings and other celebrations.

Fountain "Victoria", Brighton

Fountain "Victoria"

Fountain "Victoria" is located in the Old Steine ​​Gardens. It was designed by John Burroughs and opened in 1846 to commemorate the twenty- seventh birthday of Queen Victoria. Fountain height is about 10 meters. It includes a large pool with decorated cast iron rim. Two-tier structure of sandstone support three interrelated dolphin. Fountain "Victoria" is surrounded by beautiful lawns and flowerbeds. He is a local landmark and an attractive tourist destination. In 1995, we completed the reconstruction and modernization construction. Opening of a memorial plaque dedicated to his recovery, accompanied by Prince Charles of Wales visit.

Royal Chapel, Brighton

Royal Chapel

Royal Chapel is an oasis of peace and tranquility in the vibrant center of Brighton. Here you can relax from the hustle and listen to classical music concerts held on Tuesdays. The church was built in 1795 at the behest of the Prince Regent, the future King George the Fourth, for the religious needs of the nobility. In 1876 the chapel was badly damaged after a big storm that devastated the coast. In 1897, for its restoration took renowned architect Arthur Blomfield, after which Royal Chapel was appointed parish church. From 1883 to 1885 the church was attending a young Winston Churchill. Second birth Royal Chapel received after extensive renovation in 1995.

Theatre Royal, Brighton

Theatre Royal

Theatre Royal - with this tareyshy drama theater in the UK, which for over two hundred years pleases audiences classical and new productions on its stage. It was opened in 1807 thanks to the Prince of Wales, and it was the first production of "Hamlet" by Shakespeare. For fifty years the theater was on the verge of bankruptcy, while in 1854 the theater's management has claimed the actor Henry John Nye Chart, managed to bring it to prosperity. After Henry's death all care about the theater took over his wife Ellen. She provided the theater a reputation as one of the most prestigious locations in the country. To date, at the Theatre Royal presented a broad program that includes different kinds of theatrical art from dramatic plays and opera to musicals and Christmas plays for children. Wide repertoire and quality of theater productions provides national glory. All guests Brighton consider it their duty to visit this place at least once. In 2007, the city celebrated the bicentennial anniversary of the theater, which was graced by Britain's Queen Elizabeth II.

Brighton dome, Brighton

Brighton dome

Brighton Dome is part of the Royal Pavilion. Placed under its arches Theatre, Concert Hall Organ and Corn Exchange. The building was constructed in 1805 for the Prince Regent, the future King George the Fourth, and was used as stables and equestrian school. Here was located Grain Exchange. In 1860 the building was converted into a concert hall. In 1870 there was an organ, which is one of the most prominent features of the Brighton dome. Every year there are more than 600 activities in areas such as music, theater, dance, literature, oratory, visual arts, cinema and many others. Here are the best theater troupe put ballet productions, dance performances are held and creative contests, act symphony orchestras and musicians. Also Brighton Dome is one of the main venues for the annual Brighton Festival with an international success.

Lanes, Brighton


Lanes - is the oldest and one of the most famous areas of Brighton, who is considered the best place for shopping in the city. Area is a network of small streets which a large number of shops and exclusive stylish clothes, jewelry stores and antique shops, as well as many souvenir shops where you can buy great art made ​​by local craftsmen. Also in The Lanes are a large number of cafes, bistros, restaurants and pubs where you can eat after a busy impressions dating from Brighton. And enliven the atmosphere of the area of his game street musicians and actors.

North Lane, Brighton

North Lane

North Lane - it famous bohemian quarter, Brighton, which is a mix of old warehouses, shops, second hand, glitzy boutiques and street musicians. There are more than three hundred unique shops, including some of the best shops in the neighborhood, where you can find absolutely extraordinary items - ranging from vintage things fifties, to ethnic clothing from the Middle East and Mexico. In addition, in the quarter are many pubs, cafes, and small art studios offering copyrights decoration, ceramics, sculptures and furnishings. If you buy something here, rest assured, this thing - a single copy.

Brighton Railway Station, Brighton

Brighton Railway Station

Brighton Railway Station is a three-storey building in the Italian style, designed by David Mokattam in 1840. In 1846 the station was combined with all major UK railways. Today, the historic station building, extant, later obscured by other buildings. In 2000, the reconstruction and restoration of the building, and is now one of the most important and beautiful stations throughout the country. Space station designed by the most convenient for passengers, making the journey here is a real treat. In the station is packed with shops, retail shops and cafes. The station is also equipped with parking and parking for taxis.

Church of St. Nicholas of Myra, Brighton

Church of St. Nicholas of Myra

Church of St. Nicholas of Myra - is the oldest parish church in the United Kingdom and the oldest building in Brighton. It was built in the eleventh century. However, the view that the church is now, it acquired in the mid-fourteenth century. Later the church of St. Nicholas was reconstructed several times. She not only survived the invasion of the French in 1514, when the entire village was burned to the ground, but two of the strongest storms in 1703 and 1705, respectively, which have not escaped from the surrounding houses. This is evidenced by a plaque on the roof restoration. Around the church is an ancient cemetery. Under the oldest gravestone rests captain Nicolas Tattersel in 1651 saved from persecution of King Charles II and his ship brought him to France. Despite the fact that the church of St. Nicholas is no longer the main parish in Brighton, residents love her and affectionately called "our Mother Church."

Flower Clock, Brighton

Flower Clock

Floral clock was installed June 2, 1953 in honor of the coronation in Queen Elizabeth II.

Hove, Brighton


Hove - a small town combined with administrative Brighton. They are essentially one city, although Howe insists on maintaining its own identity and status. Howe was once a village, notorious because of smuggling, and now here are subtle regent square - Braunsvik and Palmer. The beach here is always more empty place for walks - wider, and life a little quieter than the noisy and busy Brighton. St George on the street is full of shops, while the Church - an abundance of antique shops and restaurants.

Brighton seafront, Brighton

Brighton seafront

Brighton's seafront, stunning for its beauty, stretches for 11 kilometers along the pebbly shore of Brighton. Here is the biggest pier in Europe, where they can moor at the same time about two thousand yachts. Along the waterfront are many luxurious palaces and several major attractions. Here is the Fisheries Museum, which contains unique collections representing the history and traditions of fishing, since ancient times to the present day. Recently installed Ferris was another local landmark. Since it offers a stunning panorama of the city and the majestic strait white cliffs. On the waterfront there are many cinemas, nightclubs, bars and restaurants, and pedestrian areas filled with souvenir shops, extremely popular among tourists.

Statue of peace, Brighton

Statue of peace

On Brighton's seafront is a 10- meter high statue of the world. The monument depicts an angel holding a symbol of power and an olive branch. This statue was erected in 1912 as a memorial King Edward the Seventh, also known as "The Peacemaker." today Statue world attracts a large number of people. Tourists flock here, walking along the promenade here scheduling appointments couples, the monument to the wedding procession come to be photographed with the statue and get the world for many years. But each summer Statues Festival takes place in the world.

West Pier, Brighton

West Pier

Prominent landmark is its Brighton West Pier, submitted to the official lists of the most important architectural monuments of the city. Today, it is an abandoned pier, and once there were entertainment venues and even a concert hall. The pier was built in 1866 by architect Evgeniusa Birch. In 1975 it was closed for safety reasons and expected restoration. In 2002, during a powerful storm at sea of the pier collapsed, severing it from the shore. And in March 2003, for unknown reasons still the main pavilion pier caught fire. A few months back at the pier there was a fire, and in June 2004, the average of the pier also collapsed into the sea. In our time at the site of the destroyed pier under construction grand observation tower, designed to become one of the main attractions of Brighton.

Brighton Pier, Brighton

Brighton Pier

Brighton Pier is a very popular holiday destination, including family, for residents and visitors alike. It was opened on May 20, 1899. For a long time the pier remained the main sea gate of the city. Today it has become a platform for a small amusement park. It is home to several huge pavilions with slot machines, a variety of attractions, many of which were unique at the time of their appearance, as well as restaurants. Furthermore, Pier Theatre was opened. Brighton Pier illuminate 67,000 lights. Here you can enjoy pancakes, try the Belgian waffles and a variety of sweets, and even fresh seafood. More than 4 million people visit annually central Brighton Pier. Among them were such famous guests like Robin Williams, Grace Kelly, Greta Garbo, Bette Davis, as well as members of the royal family. Renowned film director Woody Allen used it as scenery for his film. Popular shows UK choose this place for filming of their programs, and famous fashion magazines come here for photo shoots.

Brighton aquarium "Sea Life", Brighton

Brighton aquarium "Sea Life"

Brighton aquarium "Sea Life", located near the city's main pier, demonstrates its visitors an amazing variety and richness of marine life. Here you can see more than a thousand marine inhabitants demonstrated at fifty sites, including toothy sharks, octopus, giant turtles, stingrays deadpan, phlegmatic neighbors starfish and coral fish funny. Brighton Aquarium boasts the longest in England Surveillance underwater pedestrian tunnel. In "Sea Life" can be carried out on a walk with a glass bottom boat or visit the Garden octopus that can hardly leave anyone indifferent. The youngest can get closer to certain marine inhabitants in special pools where everything can be touched, and their parents at the time, sit on the edge of the hatch to dive and listen to stories about Captain Nemo and the Nautilus. In addition to the "Sea Life" can be heard educational lectures help to understand the complex system of the global ocean and respect for nature.

Ferris Wheel, Brighton

Ferris Wheel

Ferris wheel on Brighton seafront was opened in 2011 and is considered one of the best in the country. Just 3 minutes it is possible to see a complete turn a magnificent panorama of the city, with the most important sights of the city. Wheel offers stunning views of the Sussex coastline. Wheel height is 50 meters above sea level. All 36 cabins Dipper, including luxurious VIP booths, equipped with air conditioning.

Brighton Beach, Brighton

Brighton Beach

Brighton Beach - Pebble Beach is located at the main pier in Brighton. It is considered the most popular beach in England. One reason for this - the rich opportunities for entertainment and affordable service. All kinds of restaurants, attractions, bars and clubs are located right on the beach by the sea. Gently sloping sandy bottom begins just below the high tide line, so the best time to swim at Brighton Beach - tide. To the east of the beach marked area for vacationers nudists. Immediately behind the Brighton seafront begins district, which was chosen by fans of surfing and other water activities.

Kemp Town, Brighton

Kemp Town

Kemp Town Brighton characterizes the spirit, lively and bright, combining an abundance of shopping and entertainment venues. Antique shops, private shops, beautiful churches and flea markets coexist here with lots of pubs, small cafes and fine restaurants. On the eastern edge of the area and is Sussex Crescent Lewis and stunning white houses Regency. In Kemp Town is one of the largest shopping and entertainment centers of the city - Brighton Marina, which offers a huge range of all sorts of pleasures : a cinema, bowling alley, swimming pool, shops, restaurants and pubs, many of which have direct access to the sea view. The area is the spiritual home for the big city gay and lesbian community. In addition, Kemp Town annually becomes the venue for one of the largest street festivals England - Kemp Town Carnival, uniting hundreds of dancers, musicians and theater artists from different countries.

Brighton Marina Village, Brighton

Brighton Marina Village

Brighton Marina Village - a luxury expensive residential area of Brighton to the marina. Brighton Marina is an artificial harbor, which occupies an area of ​​about 127 acres, or about half a square kilometer. Harbor construction began in 1971 and took eight years. The official opening took place on May 31, 1979 with the participation of Queen Elizabeth II. Here are cargo berths, houses along the quays, hotel, casino, bowling alley, movie theater, a large number of shops and restaurants. from Brighton Marina Village, you can go on boat tours offered by different operators. And if you are fond of diving, offers dive wreck sites to military courts.

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