Saint Sophia Cathedral, Kiev

Sofiis'ka square, Kiev, Kyiv city, Ukraine

Hagia Sophia - the most famous and majestic cathedral of the ancient temples of Eastern Europe, a world-famous architectural masterpiece of fresco painting and mosaic art. The foundation of St. Sophia Cathedral - the largest building of the then Duke of Kiev Yaroslav laid in 1037. According to tradition, the cathedral was built on the spot where Yaroslav the Wise won a decisive victory over the Pechenegs. This was the main church of Kievan Rus' princes were crowned here on the throne of Kiev. Hagia Sophia served not only religious, but also a social function. Here taken embassies of other countries. He was an active church until 1929. In 1934, at the Sofia farmstead organized architectural and historical reserve - now the National Forest Sofia Kiev. During its existence, the cathedral survived many attacks and robberies, and in 1180 he suffered a terrible fire.. On the walls of the cathedral survived world's most comprehensive ensemble of authentic mosaics and frescoes of the first half of the eleventh century, and significant fragments of wall paintings seventeenth-eighteenth centuries. The cathedral and its territory is about 100 graves, including the grave of Vladimir Monomakh and Yaroslav the Wise. In 1990, the Hagia Sophia, as well as the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, the first landmark building in Ukraine, a UNESCO World Heritage Site..

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