National Parliamentary Library, Kiev

Mykhaila Hrushevs'koho street, 2, Kiev, Kyiv city, Ukraine

National Parliamentary Library of Ukraine is the leading state, cultural, educational and scientific institution information. This is a public institution with universal in content foundations serving the general population. Library set up the third in March 1866 by order of the king's government as Kievan Russian Public Library. The basis of the fund have a private library of the writer and publisher Barshchevsky and donations Kiev. At the opening of the library consisted of 319 books and 43 sets of periodicals.. Today, it is the oldest Kiev construction of such appointment and included in the list of monuments of architecture of the early twentieth century. The National Diet Library is subordinate to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Ukraine. She heads the national library system of the state, is methodical and focal point for the Library, bibliografoznavstva, dokumentoznavstva, and also participates in the formulation of public policy in the sector of librarianship and its implementation..

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