National Museum "Memorial to the victims of famines in Ukraine", Kiev

Lavrska Street, 26, Kiev, Kyiv city, Ukraine, 01015

National Museum "Memorial to the victims of famines in Ukraine". This is a memorial complex dedicated to the tragedy of the Holodomor, the Ukrainian people that survived in the days of the Soviet regime. According to the latest data, the number of deaths from starvation was about 3.9 million people.. The museum is part of the memorial and halls of memory, and that the function of the museum. The central composition of the memorial - the bell tower, made in the form of a white candle with gold-plated filigree flame.. In the space of a memorial candle, decorated with bronze cranes are a symbol of the revival of the nation, the museum itself is located. In the center of the room is a symbolic altar. Here everyone can light a candle, paying tribute to victims. The museum displays household items selyanstva the time, collected in the villages affected by the famine, and the book-martyrologies with the names of millions of victims.. The tour demonstrates two films about the causes, nature and consequences of famine.. At the exit of the museum, located on the slopes of the Dnieper alley "black boards", which lists the village, extinct from starvation, and those in which most of the population died.

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