National Art Museum of Ukraine, Kiev

Mykhaila Hrushevs'koho street, 3, Kiev, Kyiv city, Ukraine

National Art Museum of Ukraine - the largest art museum in the country. It began its history in 1899 and was originally called the Kiev Art and Industry and the Science Museum of Emperor Nicholas II. The museum's collection is the most extensive and complete collection of Russian art. Its funds currently total about 40,000 items, including - Ukrainian and foreign masterpieces of painting, sculpture and graphics from the Kievan Rus' to the present day. The museum houses one of the finest collections of icons in Ukraine. Extremely valuable as a collection of Ukrainian Baroque art - paintings, icons, collection of polychrome sculpture, early printed books. Also in the museum are the classic examples of painting of the nineteenth century, the Ukrainian avant-garde, modernism paintings period of the twentieth - twenty-first centuries.. The building of the National Art Museum of Ukraine holds regular exhibitions of contemporary artists of Ukraine, won recognition at home and abroad..

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