Lev Tolstoy Square, Kiev

Chervonoarmiiska Street, 25, Kiev, Kyiv city, Ukraine

Lev Tolstoy Square emerged in the second half of the XIX century. In 1891, she was named Karavaevskoy in honor of the fiftieth anniversary of the University of the famous scientist and physician Vladimir Karavayeva. In 1939 the area was renamed the Leo Tolstoy. One of the first known structures of the area has room Michaelson, better known as Karavaevskaya Bath. Institution worked since 1877 at his home of a merchant Frederick Michelson. Bath distinguished for its purity, for which he was recognized as the sanitary commission of one of the best in the city. Fully built up area beginning in the late XIX century. One of the first major structures that have appeared here, became the home of Leo Bender. Lucrative home of the famous wine merchant Kiev was built in 1899 by architect Vladislav Gorodetsky. During the construction of the house was the tallest residential building in Kiev. In the postwar period in the area have been significant restructuring. House Bender was overhauled, so that the main facade of the building was heavily simplified, and to this day he has lost architectural appeal. In 1981, the square has opened a new subway station, and the building in which the ground out of the station, was placed electronic computing center of the Kiev Metro. In the eighties of the last century was demolished house Michaelson, and in its place was eventually built one of the first in Kiev business centers - "Kiev-Donbass"..

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