Khreschatyk, Kiev

Khreshchatyk Street, 7, Kiev, Kyiv city, Ukraine

Khreschatyk - the central and most popular street among the citizens and guests of Kiev. It starts from the European area, runs through Independence Square and ends at the area of ​​Bessarabia.. The street was created in the beginning of the XIX century. In 1892, on Khreschatyk was built first in the Russian Empire electric tram line. During World War II the center of Kiev burned completely, and suffered Khreschatyk. After the war the city center was rebuilt.. Khreschatyk is one of the most interesting streets in the city for tourists. From here visitors will most often fall into the heart of the city and the whole country - the central square of Kiev - Independence Square.. Independence Square and Khreschatyk can rightly be considered the heart of Kiev, as we easily get to most of the most important sights of the city. According to the Vladimir descent can reach the Postal Square, River Station and take a walk on Podil with its many temples, monuments and unique architectural complexes of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy. Be sure to get out of Khreschatyk and to the Golden Gate..

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