Independence Square, Kiev

Mykhailivs'ka street, 2, Kiev, Kyiv city, Ukraine

Independence Square is the central square of Kiev, this is where the most important events take place not only the city but the whole of Ukraine. For example, in 2004 the area became the venue for the Orange Revolution.. Until the tenth century the area around the current area called Perevesischem and was a swamp. The area on the site was created in the thirties of the nineteenth century and was named Krecshatickaya - from the name of the street, to which it was attached. In 1876 there was built the City Council and the area was renamed to the Duma. Over the years, the Independence Square has repeatedly changed its name. In 1919 it was renamed the Soviet, and in 1935 - in the area of ​​Kalinin. In 1977, the area again changed its name to the area of ​​the October Revolution. Then, in the center was a monument to Vladimir Lenin and fountains.. His real name is Independence Square received after the proclamation of independence of Ukraine in 1991.. In 2001, she was a thorough remodel that completely changed her appearance. There are new monuments, sculptures and fountains. In the center was set high white tower, which is crowned by the figure of a girl with Kalinovoe branch in his hands, symbolizing the independence of Ukraine. Also on the square were rebuilt Lyadski gate, and they set the figure of the patron saint of Kiev Archangel Michael. Below the area built a large shopping center "Globus", which has become a popular destination not only for the inhabitants of Kiev and guests of the capital..

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