Central Museum of the Armed Forces, Kiev

Street hrushevsky, 28/2, Kiev, Kiev City, Ukraine

Central Museum of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. It opened its doors in June 1998. The museum is housed in the House of officers, which was built in 1932. The museum presents the history of military forces and military operations on the territory of Ukraine from the Stone Age to the present day. Among the exhibits - the weapon form, documents and photographs, banners, awards, and recreated figures of famous military leaders, including the Scythian king Athey, Kiev prince Svyatoslav, and Hetman Danylo Galitsky Zaporozhye troops, military leader and statesman - Bogdan Khmelnitsky. In 2010, the Central Museum of the Armed Forces of Ukraine granted national status and renamed it to the National Museum of Military History of Ukraine..

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