Saxon park, Warsaw

Królewska 19/21, Warsaw, Poland

Saxon Park - the oldest public park in the city. Founded in the late seventeenth century by order of August II the Strong, it was opened to the public in 1727 as one of the first public parks in the world. Originally erected in the park Saxon Baroque in the image of the park of Versailles. However, two centuries later, it was rebuilt in the classic English style. The park was decorated with allegorical sculptures, as well as an artificial lake - a copy of a Roman sanctuary - Vesta. In 1855 there appeared a fountain, designed by Henryk Marconi. In the northwestern part of the garden on the banks of ornamental lake in 1852 was built a water tower in a classic style. In 1863, physicist and meteorologist Antonio Szeliga Madzhier were installed marble sundial. Also, during this period was built Summer Theatre for one one thousand and sixty-five spectators who burned down in September 1939 as a result of a direct hit by a bomb. During World War II, the park was almost completely destroyed, but was later restored.

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