plaza, Warsaw

Rynek Starego Miasta 17, 00-001 Warsaw, Poland

Market Square - is the central and oldest part of Warsaw's Old Town. It originated in the late thirteenth century, together with the base of the city. Surrounding buildings were made ​​in the Gothic style and lasted until the great fire of 1607. Later they were first partially restored in the Renaissance style, and then in 1701 - Baroque flair architect Tilman van Gameren. The square also housed the town hall, which was demolished in 1817. Market Square for many years played an important role in the life of the city as a major center of trade, political speeches and just hangout. Fairs were held here, and other public events. During the Second World War the area was destroyed. And in 1953 it almost completely rebuilt with the remaining pre-war images. Now Market Square is one of the most popular attractions of Warsaw. Buskers satisfied here incendiary performances, artists sell their paintings, and traders stalls - a variety of souvenirs. The nearby restaurants you can taste delicious Warsaw pastries and other dishes. Market Square - the most beautiful square in Warsaw, which is surrounded by quaint old houses with colorful facades. Each of the four sides of the square and even each house has its own name. One of the most beautiful buildings here - the so-called House beneath the lion. That it is often depicted on postcards Warsaw. Market Square is also famous Little Mermaid statue - patroness of Warsaw. It is a symbol of the city and on its emblem. The Little Mermaid was established in 1855 on the initiative of King Vladislav Sixth and is one of the oldest monuments in the city. According to legend, lived long ago in the Baltic Sea two sisters mermaid. Once they decided to see the world. One of them swam to the Danish kingdom, and now she sits on a rock on the waterfront of Copenhagen. Second swam in the Vistula near Warsaw where it was caught by local fishermen. They wanted to eat a mermaid, but when they heard her divine singing, decided to let go. Mermaid also struck by the beauty and kindness banks of Vistula River locals live here. Every day sea maiden sang for local fishermen their wonderful songs. But once incredibly rich and greedy merchant, decided to capitalize on the magical mermaid singing, caught it and put him in a cage. On hearing this, the locals came to the aid of the little mermaid. Again once free, she soon married a fisherman and sworn to protect and preserve Warsaw and all its inhabitants from any troubles and misfortunes. That is why the emblem of the city and she is portrayed with a shield and sword.

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