Monument to the young rebel, Warsaw

Podwale 19A, 00-257 Warsaw, Poland

Monument dedicated to the young rebel children, participated in the Warsaw Uprising of 1944. It was erected in 1983 near the fortified walls of the Old City. The author of the monument is a Polish sculptor Jerzy Yarnushkevich. He developed it in 1946, and to the monument sculpture small insurgent was known in the country as small figurines. Bronze monument to the young rebel, set on a low pedestal, is a boy of five years in a large helmet for his head, which is attached to the ribbon of white and red color - a symbol of the Polish flag. In the hands of a small town defender holding a rifle. This monument has a real prototype. It is said that the soldiers called him Curly. The boy was the son of a nurse who treated the Resistance fighters. He, like many other children at the time, served as a liaison between the units. Behind the statue is installed on the wall board, on which are engraved the words of one of the most famous rebel songs : " Warsaw kids go to fight for your every stone, the capital, give up their blood."

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