Frederic Chopin Museum, Warsaw

Tamka 38, 00-349 Warsaw, Poland

Museum of the famous Polish composer Frederic Chopin was opened in 1954. It is located in the center of Warsaw, in the palace of Ostrog. Exhibits for the museum were collected in 1934 by the Institute of Chopin, later renamed the Chopin Society. More than thirty representatives of the world of culture began to collect a unique collection of items related to private life and work of the composer. In particular, the unique manuscripts were acquired for the museum, which included personal letters Chopin. The museum's collection is the world's largest collection of Chopin's relics. It includes more than seven thousand items : photographs, manuscripts and autographs of the Chopin, his personal letters and stuff, piano, working sketches and more. In 1999 the collection was included in the World Heritage List of UNESCO. In March 2010, the bicentennial of Frederic Chopin in the museum opened a new multimedia exhibition. It is located on five levels, order of visiting the museum where guests choose their own. Here you can see a personal diary Chopin in 1848, the hall dedicated to the composer's life in Paris, the death mask and a cast of Chopin's hand, clippings of newspaper articles devoted to his work, as well as to learn about women, whom he harbored feelings, listen to his works, and more more. The museum also hosts concerts and piano competitions, dedicated to the famous composer.

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