St Joseph's Church, Warsaw

Królewska 1, Warsaw, Poland

St Joseph's Church is considered one of the most beautiful in the Polish capital. He is one of the few examples of exquisite rococo style in Warsaw. Church named in honor of the corresponding female Catholic monastic order. Church has another name - " vizitantok church." The first wooden church on this site was built in 1651 by order of Queen Mary - Louise de Nevers Gonzara for the French Order of the Blessed Virgin Mary. However, in 1656 it was burnt by the Swedes. In 1664, construction began on a new church. The first stone was laid Vaclav Leszczyński. Unfortunately, being unfinished, the church burned down in 1695. Build a new church in its present form began only in 1728 by architect Karol Wow at the initiative politician Elzbieta Sienyavski. In 1734, construction was halted due to lack of funds and continued a few years later thanks to the participation of Maria Sofia Czartoryska. The front part of the church and the altar were made by Polish architect Ephraim Schroeger. Sculptures on the facade - the work of the greatest Polish sculptor John George Plersch. Church consecrated Bishop Joseph Andrew Zaluski in 1761. St Joseph's Church became very popular after Frederic Chopin began to play the organ here during worship, as a student of the Warsaw Lyceum. The original body is still in the church. Church cards - one of the few buildings in Warsaw, which was not damaged during the Second World War. It still survives in good condition. In 1960 he became rector of the priest and poet Jan Twardowski.

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