Sforzesco Castle, Milan

Piazza Castello, 2, 20121 Milan, Italy

Sforzesco Castle is one of the most famous attractions in Milan. Its history dates back to the XIV century, when the ruler of Giovanni Visconti wanted to rebuild a castle-fortress, which was later destroyed by a crowd vosstantsev who fought for the Republic Ambrozianu. In the middle of the XV century, the castle was rebuilt by Duke Francesco Sforza, the new ruler of Milan, whose name it now bears. At the beginning of the XVI century to the decoration of the castle was drawn by Leonardo da Vinci. Unfortunately from the works of the great masters of the Castle survived only decoration of the Hall delle Asse and some literary works. Subsequently, because of the endless wars, the castle owned by the Spaniards, the French, the Austrians, which of course affects its appearance, buildings were destroyed in the fighting, and then restored, several buildings were rebuilt, and the Spanish conquerors beautiful painted rooms were used as a storehouse for weapons and . Under Napoleon Bonaparte during their stay in Milan from 1796 to 1801, the castle was a series of restoration works, as well as split large square in front of the castle. Today, the Castello Sforzesco - a recognized symbol of Milan, an architectural and historical monument with several museums, is located in its territory, surrounded by a large garden. The castle is a museum of ancient Egypt, prehistoric museum, the museum of musical instruments, glassware and other. In the castle you can see the last unfinished sculpture of Michelangelo's "Pieta Rondanini", paintings by Mantegna, Giovanni Bellini, Filippino Lippi, Pontormo and Correggio, as well as an interesting collection of musical instruments..

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