Milan's city garden

Via Daniele Manin, 11, 20121 Milan, Italy

Milan's city garden - so the north-eastern part of Milan, which is a park area with scattered on the territory of the Palace Museum. In the park is the city's Natural Science Museum and Planetarium. It is not just beautiful, but also historically famous place, which is the oldest public park in Europe. The park has been around since 1797. It was the first park in Milan, designed specifically for public recreation.. Once there is a place located behind the then Swiss College, planned for construction start up houses for wealthy Milanese citizens. However, the Habsburgs, the then ruler of Milan, decided on the spot to break a vacant lot garden. A garden was designed by Giuseppe Piermarini, who managed to have himself glorify the construction of the theater "La Scala". In addition to the alleys, lawns and a pond in the park, he built a hall for ball games and a pavilion for performances and gala dinners.. In 2002, the park was named in honor of the journalist Indro Montanelli. Every morning, Indro Montanelli on the way to the office he founded the publication went to the park to sit on the bench, where the morning of June 1977, he was wounded. Today this place is his monument..

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