Milan Cathedral

Piazza del Duomo, 10, 20122 Milan, Italy

The main building of the Cathedral Square is the Cathedral of Milan - a symbol of Milan, its most important landmark, as well as one of the most famous buildings in Europe, built in the style of "Flamboyant Gothic". Milan Cathedral - the fourth largest Gothic church in the world, and the third - in Europe and the second in Italy, after St. Peter's Basilica at the Vatican. The Cathedral is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. Its construction was started in 1386. As a building material used kandoliysky white marble which was mined in quarries near Lake Maggiore and valued very highly. The main spire of the cathedral, a height of 104 meters, was built in 1769. His decorated four-meter statue of the Madonna, made of gilded bronze. After a few years he was issued a special decree that no buildings of Milan should not overshadow the figure of the patron saint of the city. The facade of the cathedral was not completed until the early nineteenth century on the orders of Napoleon. However, some of its parts to finish until 1965. Milan Cathedral - this is a unique structure that affects its impressive size. It can hold up to 40,000 people. In addition, the main temple of Milan impresses with its décor. This is a late Gothic building contains many spiers and sculptures, marble pointed turrets and towers, connected by a large number of floating support. One only of statues in the Cathedral there are 3400 pieces. From the roof of the building, where you can climb the stairs, consisting of five hundred steps, offering the most spectacular views of the city.. The main attraction of the cathedral - a gold statue of Milan's patron saint Madonna. Among the many statues of the Cathedral of greatest interest is the figure of St. Bartholomew, the patron saint of fishermen, from which flayed alive. Another attraction of the cathedral - a nail with the crucifixion of Christ. Brought him to Italy St. Helen. Later, a nail was lost and is found Saint Ambrose in one of the forges. Relic goes twice a year using a special device. The attractions include the tomb interior Gian Giacomo Medici, the wooden choir, Egyptian porphyry tub IV century, which is used as a baptismal font..

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