Gardens Guastalla, Milan

Via Francesco Sforza, 22-24, 20122 Milan, Italy

Guastalla Gardens - is the oldest park in Milan with a rich history that began in 1555, when Louis Paola Torello, Countess of Guastalla, widowed 29 years of age, acquired in Milan plot of land to build on it a Christian school for girls from noble, but . Around the school has been broken this magnificent Italian garden. In 1938, the territory of Guastalla gardens along with the building of the school was the property of the community. Then the school moved to the ancient city of Monza, near Milan, and the gardens have been combined with Guastalla located next door to the palace park Sormani.. In 1939, the park was opened to the public. Today it is one of the most famous parks in the city. It grows a lot of rare and beautiful plants. In the center of the park is a pond with goldfish in the Baroque style, decorated with white granite and surrounded by high terraces with binders stairs. Also in the park are located neoclassical chapel and several statues.

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