Don Park Dzhyussani, Milan

Via Modestino, 2A, 20144 Milan, Italy

Don Dzhyussani Park, formerly known as Solari Park, is one of the most famous and popular parks in Milan. This is a real forest in the city, ideal for long walks and picnics. Here are four playgrounds and three fenced areas for dog-walking. In the center of the park is a fountain, next to which is Kan Yasuda sculpture "Gates return". The park was created in the thirties by architect Enrico Casiraghi in the territory, where he was siding railway lines between Milan and Milan-Mortara Musokko. The territory of the present park was originally used as a place for the reception of cattle to the city slaughterhouse. In 1963, the architect Arrigo Arrigetti in the park's public swimming pool was built, and in 2004 was made a reconstruction of the park..

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