Basilica of San Lorenzo Maggiore, Milan

Via Molino delle Armi, 48, 20123 Milan, Italy

Basilica of San Lorenzo Maggiore - a temple built in honor of St. Lawrence, Archdeacon of the Roman Christian community alive izzharennogo on the iron bars in the two hundred and fifty-eighth year.. The basilica was built at the end of IV century under Bishop Ambrose of Milan on the spot, next to which was the ancient amphitheater. The stones that served for the construction of the ancient Roman structures, were used as the material for the new church. Over the long history of its existence, the church has survived several fires and collapsed in 1573. Works to restore it led architect Martino Bassi, who retained the original plan of the basilica, adding a dome set on a high drum.. Basilica of San Lorenzo Maggiore is unique in that it combines the art of ancient Roman and early Christian periods. She is known for the fact that it is located right in front of a number of ancient Roman columns, survived the term of the Emperor Maximilian, dated III century. The most famous part of the basilica - Chapel of St. Aquilina, which survived several late antique mosaics. In the inner courtyard of the temple is a bronze statue of Emperor Constantine I the Great, which is a copy of the sculpture, located in the Lateran Basilica in Rome..

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