Porta Romana, Florence

Piazzale di Romana Porta, 13-16, 50125 Florence, Italy

Porta Romana is an ancient gate, which had been part of the city wall , which was enclosed in the fourteenth century Florence. After they took the road leading to Rome. It used to be the main entrance to the city. They were built in 1326. Arch above the gate is decorated with ancient fresco of the Madonna and Child with Saints , made in a traditional Florentine style.. In Roman Gate area stretches Porta Romana, which is accessed through the southern entrance to the Boboli Gardens. In the old days at this place were peasant fair grooms and brides. Today, the square in the evenings going to the residents of the city to have fun. It hosts concerts buskers and street performers entertain the audience , and sell all kinds of things , and also sell sweets and fruits..

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