Palazzo Pitti, Florence

Palazzo Pitti, 23-27, 50125 Florence, Italy

Pitti Palace - one of the most important sights of Florence and the largest of the existing Florentine palace , located in the eponymous square. In the fifteenth century, it was built by the architect Brunelleschi for a Florentine merchant Luca Pitti. During its long history the Palazzo Pitti changed hands several times and rebuilt. Since the sixteenth century, the building served as the residence of the Medici grand dukes , then the dynasty of the Dukes of Lorraine and, finally, the Italian royal family.. Today it is one of the largest museum complexes in Florence. Here is the Palatine Gallery, where you can see paintings by Titian , Raphael , Tintoretto , Caravaggio , Botticelli , Filippo Lippi, Velázquez, Van Dyck and Rubens. The Gallery of Modern Art is kept a remarkable collection of works by Italian artists of the nineteenth -and twentieth- century. In addition to the Palace Museum silver Porcelain Museum , the Museum of Costume Gallery and coaches , which shows the largest in Italy collection of clothes of different eras.. Palazzo Pitti is also famous for the adjacent Boboli Gardens - a beautiful example of landscape art of the Renaissance.

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