The National Central Library of Florence

Lungarno della Zecca Vecchia, 46, 50122 Florence, Italy

The National Central Library of Florence is one of the two national libraries in Italy , along with the National Central Library of Rome. This is where you can find rare books and valuable manuscripts. Since 1870, the library collects copies of all Italian publications.. The library was founded in 1714 when the famous Italian scientist Antonio Malyabechi bequeathed his collection of books, which covered about 30,000 volumes, the city of Florence.. Originally known as the Library Maliabechi , it was opened to the public in 1747. In 1861 , the library was merged with other libraries - Palatine Library , and in 1885 it was renamed the National Central Library of Florence.. Since 1935 the book collections were housed in a building designed by Cesare Batstsani and located along the River Arno. Before that, they were placed in the premises belonging to the Uffizi Gallery ..

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