Basilica di San Miniato al Monte and the "Cemetery of the Holy Gate ", Florence

Viale Galileo, 50125 Florence, Italy

At the top of a hill called Monte alle Croci and is the highest point of the basilica in Florence San Miniato al Monte , the monastery , the Palace of Bishops and Memorial Cemetery. Basilica di San Miniato al Monte is one of the finest examples of Romanesque architecture not only in Tuscany but also in Italy.. It was named in honor of St. Miniato Florence. According to legend, Miniato first was rich, callous and wasteful , but then changed his mind and went to the cave where he lived until the time when the emperor Decius decided to betray the holy martyr's death. Wild animals abandoned Miniato break into pieces, and fire, which tried to burn the saint, went out , and then the saint was beheaded. After the execution of the martyr raised his head and went home to die in a cave. Later , about the fourth century , there was erected a chapel, and in 1018 Bishop Hildebrand decided to erect a church on the site , which has long been considered the most beautiful in the city.. Near the church of San Miniato al Monte is a magnificent monastery. For centuries, the monastery complex was turned into a fortress , then to the hospital and shelter , but in 1924 he again became a monastery and was radically rebuilt. In one of the bastions of the monastery complex is a monumental cemetery - " Saints Cemetery Gates " , founded in 1848. Here were buried such luminaries of Italian culture and history as Carlo Collodi - author of Tales of Pinnokkio , artists Pietro Annigoni and Ottone rose, writers Luigi Ugolini , Giovanni Papini and Vasco Pratolino , sculptor Libero Andreotti , producer Mario Cecchi Gori , and his wife, Valeria. In addition there are many well-known family of resting , of which Vespucci and Sapiea known fact that helped to study the future of the then - Pope John Paul II ..

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