Baptistery of San Giovanni, Florence

Piazza del Duomo, 18-20, 50122 Florence, Italy

Baptistery of San Giovanni - the oldest building in Piazza Duomo , mentioned in the chronicles of the ninth century. It was built in honor of John the Baptist, the patron saint of Florence and for more than a thousand years is the spiritual center of Florence. The most famous attraction is its gate Baptistery. The oldest of them - the south gate by Andrea Pisano. They contain 28 panels with bas-reliefs depicting the life of St. John the Baptist and the main virtues. The other two gates created by Lorenzo Ghiberti. North Gate built since 1401 to 1424 and depict the picture of the New Testament. East gate were created in the period from 1425 to 1452 and are best known. They are divided into 10 gilt panels and depict biblical stories. This creation was highly appreciated by Ghiberti and Michelangelo called them the "Gates of Paradise". At present, the panel of the "Gates of Paradise" are replaced by copies and the original panels are in the Museum of the Duomo.. In addition to the gates of the Baptistery is also worthy of attention his ceiling thirteenth century Byzantine mosaic depicting a picture of the Last Judgment with the figure of Christ in the center. In addition to the baptistry is the tomb of John the Twenty- Third anti-pope ..

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