Reeperbahn, Hamburg

Reeperbahn 39, 20359 Hamburg, Germany

Reeperbahn - a famous center of Hamburg's nightlife and its "red light district". Stretching almost a kilometer, this street with all kinds of entertainers received informal name "sinful mile". Every evening she attracts thousands of tourists and locals for its many bars, nightclubs, vaudeville, striptease shows and sex shops. Once it was just a craft street. In the early sixteenth century here in the immediate vicinity of the port of Hamburg, located manufactory, where ropes were made for sailing ships. First places of entertainment came here in the early nineteenth century. Sailors went down to the shore after a long voyage, looking for fun and entertainment here. In addition to beer and brothels, on the street began to emerge and theaters, the first of which opened in 1840. In the seventies there were several sex theaters, but now there was only one - "Safari". One of the most famous attractions in Hamburg "red light district" is the largest police department in Hamburg - Davidvahe, often appearing in the German crime films. It is located on the same street Davidshtrasse. It is also the only street in the city, where at certain times of the day street prostitution is officially permitted. It adjoins the street Davidshtrasse Herbertshtrasse famous street where neon windows sit representatives of the oldest profession. On this street are allowed to enter only men who have attained the age of eighteen. Grosse Freiheit street, also adjacent to Davidshtrasse besides bars and clubs, there is a building of the Catholic Church. Once this street was the only place in the Protestant Hamburg, where Catholics officially allowed to conduct services. Atmosphere of freedom and revelry Reeperbahn made ​​attractive for musicians. It is in the Reeperbahn clubs began musical career of the legendary group "The Beatles." John Lennon once said: " Although I was born in Liverpool, but I grew in Hamburg."In at number 39 on the street Grosse Freiheit was not survived to our times"Star -Club" in which April 13, 1962 began touring overseas groups. Today, on this street is a memorial plaque and the area at the intersection of the Reeperbahn and Grosse Freiheit called " Beatles Platz." Today, as a half -century ago, the Reeperbahn is also a world-famous theater center. To this day there remained several popular theaters, among which Operetta Theatre, which for many years were Broadway musicals "Cats" and "Mamma Mia" ; one of the oldest theaters in Hamburg "Sankt Pauli", as well as the famous variety theater " Schmidt Tivoli."

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