Guildhall, Hamburg

Rathausstraße 2, 20095 Hamburg, Germany

Town Hall Square - the heart of Hamburg and one of its main attractions. This year-round hosts many festivals and special events. It is located in the heart of Hamburg, among the most popular shopping streets. On the square is the town hall - one of the most prominent buildings of the city, popular with tourists and locals. It is a kind of hallmark of Hamburg. The Town Hall was built in 1897 on the site of the old, destroyed by fire, becoming one of the biggest in Europe. Here sit higher authorities - the city administration and the Senate. Town Hall is a beautiful majestic building, decorated twenty statues of emperors and kings - from Charlemagne to Franz II, and crowned its baroque tower of 112 meters. The interior of the town hall impresses with its luxury. The building is equipped with 647 rooms, richly decorated with wood and gold. Especially notable grand hall Kaiser rare leather wallpaper. In one of the halls of City Hall kept a huge Golden Book, where they left their autographs celebrities such as Bismarck, Charles de Gaulle, Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth. In the courtyard of the town hall is a fountain - a symbol of victory over the cholera epidemic in 1892, and bronze tablets list the names of all the mayors of Hamburg from 1264 to 1912. In summer there are concerts of classical music.

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