port of Hamburg

Bei den St. Pauli-Landungsbrücken 3 A, 20359 Hamburg, Germany

Port of Hamburg - one of the business cards of the city. It is the largest port in Germany and the second largest seaport in Europe. Today the port, which has more than eight hundred years, it takes a tenth of the total area of Hamburg. Every year it becomes a parking for more than thirteen thousand ships from around the world. Despite a hundred kilometers separating Hamburg from the North Sea, the Elbe estuary is quite adapted to large shipping, so the city port can get even the huge ships and ocean liners. In the waters of the port you can take a tour on the barge, admire the grand ocean liners and huge floating docks. Be sure to visit one of the twenty ships refurbished museum harbor, including the freighter "Cap San Diego" and sailing museum "Rickmer Rickmers". Annually the first weekend of May, the Port of Hamburg leads tourists and residents colorful spectacle of a special kind - celebrated Birthday harbor. This festival is celebrated for more than eight centuries - from 1189, when the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick Barbarossa granted Hamburg important privileges of navigation and trade, which put the city on a par with the major ports of the world.

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