"Miniatur Wunderland", Hamburg

Auf dem Sande 1, 20457 Hamburg, Germany

"Miniatur Wunderland" - the world's largest toy model railroad, which invites its visitors to travel across countries and continents. Here are the thumbnails of European and American cities, airports, motorways and much more in an area the size of half a football field. "Miniature Wonderland" was conceived and modeled by two twin brothers - owners Frederick and Gerrit Braun. In 2001, visitors were opened the first three sections of the railway: the Harz Mountains in northern Germany, the brothers invented city Knuffingen and Austrian Alps. Today in "Wonderland" - eight geographical sections, more than a thousand trains, hundreds of thousands of lights, hundreds of thousands of trees and hundreds of thousands of human figures. Here in Hamburg and its port bordering the Grand Canyon and a huge bridge on wooden poles by which carries its passengers vintage train. Section of the exhibition, which reproduces America, welcomes visitors for a tour of the United States - in the Everglades National Park, the gambling capital of Las Vegas and the Rocky Mountains. Between Europe and America on a huge reservoir of water volume thirty thousand liters of cargo ships cruising and cruise ships. After seeing the skyscrapers of New York, you can go to Scandinavia, where Pippi Longstocking and the family of mountain trolls. Next stop - the fictional town Knuffingen, which travel through the streets of trucks and cars. On the main square Knuffingena passes a rock concert, fire brigade rushes to the burning house, close to the beach waves beat miniature Atlantic, and in the new section "Wonderland" - Knuffingen airport - take off and land aircraft. Exposition center is undoubtedly the magnificent layout of Hamburg. The museum Admire dramatizations of ordinary human life. Here people go to work, watching football games, play sports, and even commit crimes. "Miniatur" steadily increasing. By 2020, the creators of the museum promises to supplement it with new sections, such as France, Italy and the United Kingdom.

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