Jungfernstieg, Hamburg

Gänsemarkt 50, 20354 Hamburg, Germany

Jungfernstieg - famous shopping street of the historic Hamburg, located on the southern shore of the Inner Alster. One of the oldest streets in the city its name, which translates from German as "Maiden's Path", from the fact that earlier in her family walked representative, bringing to show their unmarried daughters. Today, here along the waterfront on the Alster Lake settled expensive shops and boutiques, among them - a fashionable shopping center "Alsterhaus" with luxury clothing, perfume and cosmetics, as well as shopping malls, famous throughout Europe such as the "Gallery", "Karstadt" "Goose market", and "Old Post Office". Here is the passage "Europe" - a real kingdom shopping, located on five floors. For several years, it is one of the most visited places in Hamburg. Combining the elegant expensive shops and unique views of the water on the Alster Lake Jungfernstieg is a favorite place for townspeople and visitors alike. There is also a pier from which depart pleasure boats plying on both the Alster Lake. Winter if hard frosts occur, the inner Alster turns into a city skating rink. Besides Jungfernstieg - is also a business center and largest in Hamburg multilevel transport hub for underground and city railway.

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