botanical garden, Hamburg

Dammtordamm 1, 20354 Hamburg, Germany

Botanical Garden was founded in Hamburg in 1821. Its founder is considered to Professor Johan Lehmann. At first, the garden was a private property of professor, but in 1857 moved to the city property, and it was opened to the public. It was created by a large herbarium, a botanical museum, laboratories, departments and protection of plant propagation. In the garden, public lectures, and then opened a gymnasium, and in 1919 - the university. Today, the garden occupies a huge area the size of 24 hectares, where proizrostaet eighteen thousands of plant species. Here you can see classic Japanese garden created with the support of botanists from Japan. Nearby is a typical Chinese garden with a miniature bridge over the artificial pond. There in the park and rock garden, which shows the mountain areas of Europe : the Alps, the Carpathians and the Balkans. Another interesting idea of landscape designers - peasant garden, where neat flat beds grow medicinal herbs, spices, vegetables and old varieties of garden flowers. There is even a small garden, where you can see the plants described in the Bible. This exhibition was created with the support of experts in Jerusalem. In a small house, which was built with the help of the Society of Friends of the Botanical Garden, equipped classroom where you can discuss what they saw after the tour.

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