Automobile Museum "Prototype", Hamburg

Shanghaiallee 9, 20457 Hamburg, Germany

Automobile Museum "Prototype" is located in a former factory building in the last century. On three floors, a unique collection of German sports and racing cars of the postwar period, many of which are designed and assembled in a single copy. The idea of ​​creating a "prototype" is owned by engineer Thomas Koenig and Oliver Schmidt, who for many years collecting and refurbishing the legendary cars from different eras of racing. The very same museum is very young. It was opened only in 2008. In addition to sports cars of the forties, fifties and sixties of the last century, the museum presents more modern models - Porsche and Audi. But the pride of the local exposure is considered to be the car, "Formula 1". Legendary "Jordan 191" - the first racing car in the history of the team, "Jordan", which debuted in 1991, the famous racing driver, seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher. After visiting the museum, offering everyone to go to a special booth where you can hear the roar of engines of different models of racing cars. The museum has a shop that sells miniature models of racing cars.

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