Alster Lake, Hamburg

Lombardsbrücke, 20354 Hamburg, Germany

Alster Lake - a real pride for people from Hamburg, massive place of citizens and one of the main attractions of the city, attracting tourists. This picturesque artificial lake in the center of the historic Hamburg was founded in 1190 on the orders of Count Adolf III and is divided into Inner and Outer Alster. Along the Inner Alster, the center of which a fountain, located luxury hotels and boutiques. In fact, the lake inhabited by swans and many ducks and geese. And around the Outer Alster broken beautiful park of the same name. People come here to relax and enjoy the fresh air from all over Hamburg. Laid around the lake so-called "path of health" 7-km long. Citizens love to spend time here - to walk and exercise. And to live with lake dream of every resident of the city. However, boasting a luxurious mansion on the banks of the Alster are only the local rich, owning villas with magnificent gardens around the perimeter, known as Millionaires Coast.

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