Vincennes Zoo, Paris

Vincennes Zoo - one of the most beautiful not only in France but throughout Europe. It is located on the territory of the Bois de Vincennes - the largest green area of Paris, who was once the hunting grounds and entertainment Parisian nobility. The zoo is part of the National Museum of Natural History in Paris, which also includes the Botanical Garden and Museum of Ethnography. It was organized by the Colonial Exhibition in 1931 as a temporary exhibition of exotic animals. However, the success was so great that it was decided to establish a permanent zoo, which was opened three years later - in 1934. Vincennes Zoo was established by the type of the Hamburg Zoo "Hagenbeks Tierpark" mimic the natural habitat of the animals that were kept in cages not. Even for dangerous predators iron bars were replaced by moats. The total area of ​​the zoo is 15 acres. It is divided into five biozones : Patagonia, the Sahel - Sudan, Europe, Guyana and Madagascar. In the zoo, you can see more than 1,000 animals, including 74 species of different birds, 42 species of mammals, 21 species of reptiles and 15 species of fish. Traditionally, the zoo you can see lions, among which are the mountain lion - cougar, monkeys, giraffes, zebras, hippos, parrots, snakes and other animals. The pride of the zoo is a flock of pink flamingos that behave like mannequins on the catwalk. The main attraction of the Paris Zoo - 65 -meter cliff habitat Employee whole herd of mountain sheep and goats. At the top is an observation deck from which you can not only watch the animals, but also enjoy beautiful views of the park and the Bois de Vincennes in Paris. In addition, the zoo has a unique dark pavilion for observing the life of nocturnal animals, especially bats. Also at the zoo are a couple of ponds and a small railroad, designed to transport visitors.

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